Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble
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tank trouble

Tank Trouble is a negligible top down tank shooter game. This game brings nothing unique to the table regarding style, illustrations, or gameplay. Indeed, it is exceptionally necessary, appears as though it was made in a day by a newbie software engineer. The game only permits the use of one keyboard between two and three players.

Playing Tank Trouble is easy. There is a different type of tanks set arbitrarily in a maze, which is essentially only a white foundation with dim lines making the maze, one reason why this game is so fundamental and bland. All through the guide, weapon icons show up, which the player can get to shoot an exceptional round. Every time a weapon flies in, (once like clockwork), a noise plays to caution the player that another icon has brought forth.

It is ideal that there is a quiet catch since that noise is amazingly upsetting and pointless. The control plan is simple, however not all around planned. It’s difficult to predict anyone put in an energy into this game to rehearse with the controls in any case. The main smart thought in this basic tank game is the weapons.

There are three distinct types of weapons, which have their own impressive ability when shot. One of these weapons is by all accounts broken because the shrapnel goes through walls and kills every tank in the game, including the tank that fired it.